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The Failures of “Intro to TDD”

I’m now halfway through teaching a two-week crash course on “agile development stuff” to a team of very traditional enterprise Java developers.


The Difference Between Unit Testing and Integration Testing

Typemock’s Gil Zilberfeld recently wrote an article on “The Difference between Unit Testing and Integration Testing” for Sys-Con.First things first:What is a unit test?A unit test is: Repeatable: You can rerun the same test as many times as you want.


End to End Testing with CasperJS

This pro tip will guide you through the steps of implementing an end to end test using CasperJS. Although there’s no code specific to Backbone in this tutorial, I do make assumptions on how an app will operate within the context of a Backbone app.


Video: Unit Testing and TDD – Why You Should Care and How to Make It Happen

Interessant filmpje over waarom je aan Test Driven Development zou moeten doen en hoe je ervoor kunt zorgen dat een team ook ECHT aan TDD gaat doen.



Strategies for isolating the database in tests

One of the keys to having maintainable tests are to make sure that tests are isolated and reproducible. For unit tests, this is easy as long as we stay away from global variables, static classes and in general global state.