Google Drive Android API released

Easy-peasy cloud storage for your Andriod apps with the Google Drive Android API

Is Facebook temporary?

Last week, the most prestigious investment bank in the world, Goldman Sachs, decided to invest almost 2 billion dollars in the social network Facebook (a mix of its own and its clients capital), which on paper made the six year old startup worth $50,000,000,000.

Augmented reality with droidAR

DroidAR is a Mobile Locationbased Augmented Reality Framework for Android.

This framework can be used for many different scenarios, there are already some demo applications available.

New in Android

A quick look at the new patterns and styles you can use to build beautiful Android apps…

Windows Azure Mobile Services – The Perfect Partner

Presentation Transcript Windows Azure Mobile Services: The Perfect Partner Michael S. Collier @MichaelCollier CodeMash – January 9, 2014 Michael S. Collier • Principal Cloud Architect, Aditi • • @MichaelCollier • http://www.MichaelSCollier.

An Overview of Project Katana

The ASP.NET Framework has been around for over ten years, and the platform has enabled the development of countless Web sites and services. As Web application development strategies have evolved, the framework has been able to evolve in step with technologies like ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web API.